Why use WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System), that originated in 2003 and is regarded by many as the most flexible and stable CMS available today, here’s why we use this system in our web development.

User friendly

WordPress is very user friendly, this means that if you would prefer to keep your website up to date yourself, Adding or modifying content such as text, posts or images is very easy. We can of course keep your website updated for you if you prefer.

Wordpress example
Website edit

Manage your website from any computer

Access and edit your website from any computer, just login with your username and password, so you can manage important updates on the go.

Search Engine friendly

The codes used for building websites in WordPress are very search engine friendly, this means that search engines can correctly identify your website and its contents.

Cost effective

WordPress is a cost effective platform on which to build your website. If you are having your website built by a web designer, the user friendliness of WordPress means that even if don’t have a tech background or any experience in building websites, you can choose to be involved in the updates yourself, therefore saving on the cost of maintaining your website.

Mobile Friendly

WordPress give the ability to build responsive websites, this means that wherever your customers access your website, be it desktop, tablet or smart phone, they will be receiving the best possible experience, ALL of our websites are built fully responsive from the outset.


We will work with you to fully understand your requirements before beginning work on your website.


Once we are clear on your needs, we will design your website Homepage based on your requirements.


The next stage is for you to view your website Homepage design, at this point we can make any minor colour, font or design adjustments required.


We then build your full website, we aim to complete all stages within two weeks (depending on site complexity and workload)